Sid Meier’s Civilization 6: Rise And Fall

The newest addition to the Civilization franchise is a DLC called Rise and Fall. This game series is a legend in the gaming community. We can call the game, without a doubt, the best strategy game ever made. Really this is not an exaggeration.

The sixth addition to the franchise brought many new features to the game, and with the previously developed concepts and gameplay, one can easily spend many hours lost in building their own civilization.

About Civ

For those of you that are not acquainted with the game, I will mention the main features briefly. The game is a turned based strategy and resource management game. You have the opportunity to develop your civilization, based on existing cultural horizons. This means that you can choose a cavillation and a complementary leader, each combination has specific features that you can use to get an upper hand in the game. You can form alliances, or fight the other players depending on your overall strategy.

There are several ways you can be victorious, so your only goal during the game can be other things than achieving military and territorial supremacy. You can build world wonders, developed technological and cultural advancements, or spread your religion to the four corners of the globe. Beginning with 4000 years BC your civilization must survive to the modern age and compete survive the political, cultural and military pressure coming from the other nations of the world.

New Features

Sid Meier's Civilization 6: Rise And Fall The DLC Rise and Fall came out this year, and it was praised the moment it came out. Besides adding new civilizations and rulers, some of which are truly awesome (like the ruler of Nubia), new gameplay features were also added.

The main feature is the Rise and Fall of your civilization, this is manifested with a special feature. Basically, this means if your civilization advances sufficiently in a given time frame, you will enter a golden age that will grant you special features that you can use in the new era to gain an upper hand against other rulers. Each era can be devoted to a different goal, but if you fail to advance sufficiently you will enter a dark age and your country will start having many problems.

City governors have also been added to the game, and they have special abilities you can use to develop certain aspects of the city. Each governor can be advanced, and this will give them new abilities you can use to your advantage. You can choose from six different governors, and each city can have only one.

City loyalty makes the game more difficult and interesting. You have to be a good ruler, supply the city with amenities, food, and culture or your people will become disloyal and this can influence your country greatly. If the level of loyalty depletes under a certain level the city will rebel and declare their independence. This will make it essayer for your enemies to conquer your territories and beat you.