Game Demos And Where To Find Them

Demo games are an excellent way to find the perfect game for you; especially when they are free. This is why I want to talk about some of the websites where you can get demo games and play them until you find what you want. Maybe you just want to try something new or sample the different games that are out there. In any case, these websites might be useful for you.


Steam is not only here so you can buy games, they also have a lot of demos of games you can try out for free. The thing is there are so many games you need to use advanced search options in order to find the genre you want.


Scratch is an excellent website you can use to make your own games and animations, but you can share it with other game enthusiasts. The website even has demos of some of the games that are made by the users. Besides the demos, you can try full games, and even try your own skill out by making a game and then getting feedback on it.


Fifa18The Microsoft store has whole range game demos on offer. Everything from FIFA 2018, and Syberia II over to Doodle God. You can fill your hearts desire in trying out games, and the best thing is that most of them are free.

The thing with these websites is that they offer a place for a community of gamers to develop and to influence the games and their sails. At the same time, they can protect you, the gamer, from making a bad investment. Games cost a lot of money to make, and some of them take a lot of effort that should be rewarded. Sometimes even though there was a big effort the game didn’t turn out like the developers wanted it, and you end up with a bad game and no fun. Or maybe you see a trailer and you think you would like the game, but it turns out to be bad. Demos are an excellent way to prevent yourself from making mistakes like these.