Gamer Forums

One of the big lies about gamers is that they’re all anti-social. In my experience, the flipside is true: gamers love to socialize, jut not in real life. That’s why we have so many huge gaming forums.

Like sports, people have found a different way to enjoy games not just by playing them. Gaming podcasts have been around for a while, and recently, there’s been a shift in interest towards watching other people play games. Even thou people like to watch other people play games forums will never go out of fashion, as the following gaming communities are demonstrating just by their existence. And I can say they don’t show signs of stopping any time soon.


NeoGAFNeoGAF was first launched as the website Gaming-Age Forums in 1999, the purpose of the site was to be a message board for Gaming-Age. The website in question was made for gaming news and reviews, and you can still find them on the internet in some database. By the year 2003, the forum’s database was corrupted for some reason, and in 2004 the forum reinvented itself as NeoGAF. It is among the top 1000 most-visited websites in the USA and it is also the biggest gaming forum that currently exists on the Web. People often refer to this website as a mega forum because it has over 700,000 threads and 95 million posts.


GameFAQs was the first website of its kind and it was launched in 1995, this also makes it the oldest gaming website that has survived at least two decades on the Internet. It started its existence as a repository for walkthroughs written by users and FAQs about different games, but then it eventually included other aspects of gamer information like reviews and forum discussions. The website is different from others that are like it because it has a special message board for every video game in the database of the website.

IGN Boards

IGN passes over many different kinds of media and entertainment topics. However, its main focus is on gaming. The center of the website is organized around news and reviews, but it also publishes other content sometimes. IGN’s forums include many different topics that often go away from video games into some strange places, but the gaming industry and video games are at the heart of this website. This community is visited by cultured people, who are not obsessed with fighting their fellow forum visitors.