Historical Accuracy In A Historical Video Game

There are many incredible historical games, that can give you a gaze into the past. Many of these games are not 100% historically accurate. Historical accuracy is often wary hard to achieve in some of the video games, especially if they are more complex, like we have seen recently. Games like Assassin’s Creed Origins, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and Rome: Total War.

Historical Video GameWhen one looks at these games, he can see that many of them prioritize authenticity over accuracy. The games we play must feel authentic to the period they are set in, but they must not affect the key aspects that make the game enjoyable.

For instance, the criticism of Kingdom Come: Deliverance emerged because the game fails to include people that are not just „white “. The game designers defended themselves on the ground of trying to be accurate in representing medieval Bohemia. However, this decision has made some players feel alienated. Assassin’s Creed Origins shows young boys and girls going to school together, even thou this did not happen in Ancient Egypt. This was done, as the game makers have stated, in order to give players a move away for sexism in games and history.

Is History Accurate?

We are familiar with the saying: “History is written by the winners.” This is a fact we are all familiar with, and it means that our account of historical moments is not always accurate. Quite the contrary they can often be far from the truth. Sometimes it takes us ages before we figure out that the person who wrote the history actually lied intentionally in order to preserve an image he thought should be remembered (not the one that happened).

Why do we then insist on historical games being 100% accurate? This cannot be achieved because first of all, we do not know enough of the past to say with such a strong certainty that it looked like we see it now. What history allows us to imagine, the past, and thru this process to come to terms with some of the situations that mankind encountered. Historical games help in this process because they are a tool for visualizing something that existed.